Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Here! Tasteful Tatters

I am proud to announce the Grand Opening of my new Etsy shop: TastefulTatters! This has been a long time coming and I am so thankful for all the amazing people in my life who encouraged me to do this, helped me sew late at night, and allowed me to even sew in their home - you know who you are =) I am also thankful for Anthrolopologie for making beautiful necklaces that I cannot afford that initially inspired me haha. My store is basically accessories that are unique to metals and beads. I used fabrics and tshirts that I find in thrift stores along with buttons, pearls, and other randomness that I find from vintage or thirft stores. This has been such a fun experience for me all summer and I also wanted to give you a little more info. All the names of the pieces are named after female characters in some of my favorite novels. Mostly from F.S. Fitzgerald and the 20's. Also, if you order a piece from me, I have a surprise for you when it gets delivered. I have handmade all the packaging the pieces come in and there is a small gift which I am not posting so you can have a little surprise =)

How it started: This summer I moved to a new town and had basically no friends and no job haha. One night I went to The Grove with a bunch of Andy's friends and it was there that I started hanging out with some new girls that are absolutely fabulous. We all went into the Anthropologie while the boys were doing something far more manly =) It was there that I saw the most amazing and unique necklace I had ever seen. It was made out of fabric so I naturally thought, "self: maybe you could affoard this, it's only made from string and fabric." Then I saw that is was $98!! What was I thinking?.... I immediately thought, I could totally do that!

So, I did. Hahaha, I went through a few prototypes of all the items listed in the shop and have a few more designs that will be added in the next week or so. So check it out, add it to your favorites, leave some feedback, pass the link on to a friend, anything will help!

** the address of the store is (and you can also click the link above)


Abby said...

Love it! You are so creative and crafty. I may have to place a custom order soon...

Chase said...

Love it Love it! Too cute, my friend.

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