Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today on Something Blue: Muntedkowhai

For those of you who don't know, I also have a wordpress blog on weddings. Everything from inspirations, color boards, photographs, vendor referrals, anything and everything! Anyways one of the posts I put up today is just so amazing I had to put it here too!


Try saying that 5 times fast! Meet Puiyi Tiffany Pang. She is a full-time Immunologist (Lookin and pokin around the immune system!) at a Cancer Research Center and in her spare time is is creative genius- ooo I just adore the necklaces she creates. I stumbled across them the other day and I cannot resist the urge to share them with you. All her jewerly is 100% handmade and worth every penny. Each piece is completely original and they all have this beautiful light and vintage look about them. The Definition of Muntekhowhai is: “ Munted is a bit of a Brit, NZ and Aussie word for something that is broken or disfigured. Kowhai (ko.fai) is the national flower of New Zealand and it also means yellow in Maori. The “wh” in Maori creates a “f” sound.” I believe they would make a perfect piece for the vintage chic bride-to-be! You can check out her blog here to learn more or go straight to her Etsy Store or online store to purchase yours today!

>>> And my absolute fav … ugh I want one!!


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