Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Business Time

For all the Flight of the Conchords fans... not that business time! I'm talking about the Business Section of the Los Angeles Times. The other day I was reading the paper and I completely disregarding the business section, feeling slightly bad for it. Then while I was perusing my crafty blogs that I read daily and I came across a DIY project that uses non other than newspaper! So, I swept up the disregarded yet highly beneficial (in many ways) business section to begin my project. Now, just a disclaimer: I find that most DIY projects almost never turn out exactly like the picture or how it is discribed. And myself being a perfectionst - hates this. Oddly I do them all the time anyways perhaps I'm hoping to achieve ultimate DIY-doer status or something. Anyways, I am proud to announce that I found this project quite a success and super easy! Naturally, I had to share it here with you all! Here is a link to the actual article with instructions and here is a photo of my first attempt. I didn't happen to have water color paint with me so I added water to my acrylic paint and it turned out perfectly. I also didn't have any fancy schmancy jewels for the center but I had buttons and I think it turned out alright. Overall, I was proud of my little orangy red slash yellow flower even though it didn't really look like the example... one day I'll get there =)

Now, I'm not sure what exactlly I'm going to do with my new little business section turned lovely... got any ideas??


duartestudios said...

Wear it as a glue it on a headband...glue it to a wristband....velcro stickie it to your clothes! I LOVE it!

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