Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shake it, shake it, shake it like a poloroid picture

So I love my Polaroid camera... ahem, Andy's camera =) Whosever it is, it is usually in my procession and just heart it. Maybe it is that child in me that loves instant gratification, but I love everything from tearing the package open to the noise it makes when it comes out to the empty little box you get at the end. Oh, and the fabulous grainy unique prints you get when you are never really sure what will slide out of the little guy!

Anyways, Andy knows my love for Polaroids and in an attempt to cheer me up on a long hard work day the other night, he told me about this application Poladroid to download to my computer that is literally a little virtual Polaroid camera inside your computer that you upload your digital photos to and you drag & drop into the little icon and out spits out a polaroid (the same noises and all!) I'm just addicted. I went a little crazy and uploaded a bunch of fun polas for you all to see

>>> how cool are they? So close to the real thing!

So, thank you Andy for always knowing the best ways to cheer me up =) And everyone else, download it and let the fun times begin >>> pola party anyone??

little birdie in central park

I heart NY

new friend danny in NY

the cars they drive in malibu


The.Marcellus.Family said...

I have no idea how I came across your blog. But I LOVE your pictures. You are truly amazing.

Chase said...

oh funfun! I may have to look into this :P
(you're quite the artist, friend)

Margaret said...

I love those Emilee!

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