Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Free!

My whole life I've been told that you never get anything for free in this world. And I must say.... I love exceptions to the rules! Last night at the grocery store, I found amazing strawberries - buy 1 get one totally and completely FREE. Might I add that the 1 package I bought was only 2.99 =)

So this morning I ate them with the lovely Caitlin, and they were AMAZING. I love strawberries. They remind me of summer.

naturally I took a picture of them in all their freeness and deliciousness! haha

>>> Happy Thursday everyone!


caleb said...

i was allergic to strawberries for one summer of my life when i was like 8. worst summer EVER. haha i love strawberries too i had chocolate covered fresh strawberries last night!

Caitlin said...

mmmmmmmmm goodness. a day starting with strawberries and whip cream is a good day

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