Friday, March 13, 2009

Candice & Dominic

Last weekend my wonderful friend Candice got married in the northern Sacramento area. When she first got engaged she asked me to help her plan her wedding which I obviously jumped at the opportunity to. The hard part was, we were both here in Southern California and she wanted to get married in either Sacramento or Tahoe. I have very little knowledge of the NorCal region as far as vendors go but fortunately, I found the wonderful Monte Verde Inn that handled basically everything! It was sooo perfect and it had an amazing classy yet rustic feel to it. It fit Candice's personality perfectly. The nice part was, they also provided a coordinator to help with all the day of logistics which meant I could be the "friend" - this was so nice since I love Candice and enjoyed just being there for her as a friend on her special day. This also meant that I got to take so photos of the wedding. Speaking of photos... my amazing friends and myself ended up getting to the wedding a whole hour early! So, we decided to do our own little photo shoot down the road while the wedding party had theirs. A few of those photos might end up on here as well =) Enjoy!

The beautiful Bride!

the groom & his brother

the backdrop behind the ceremony

"I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs Parisi!"

my beautiful friend Kelsey

Kate & Kelsey

Me & Kelsey being silly

Me! Photo by: Kelsey Phillips


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