Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why, hello new camera!

So last weekend, I had the fortunate pleasure of purchasing my first digital SLR camera. Now, I am not a professional photographer, or any type of photographer for that matter. However, I am a lover of the arts and anything that allows me to be creative in any way shape or form. I am currently taking a photography class which I am LOVING and I thought to myself, "self: what a better time to get a camera." I've only gotten a chance to play around with it on our AS Retreat at the beach, so here are a few of the Biola AS Staff. Keep your eye out for more!

p.s. if any of you bloggers out there enjoy photography as much as me and happen to know more than me I'd love to spend an afternoon shooting all things fabulous with you!


Margaret said...

Hey its Marge:)

I miss you. Also, I'm about to get a new camera, do you like the Cannon Rebel???

I like your pictures!

Emilee Sutherland said...

Marge! Hey girl, gosh it has been forever. You should totally get one. I mean, they are probably the amateur version of an SLR digital but totally easy to use and great quality. You can find great deals on craigslist too! We should shoot together sometime

Margaret said...

I just thought to check this after you left a comment on my blog:)

I would love to shoot with you just because that means I could hang out with you, haha! I actually have been looking on craigslist.

And I would love for you to take pictures of Riley!

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