Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tastefully Packaged

I get a lot of emails asking me where I buy my packaging, or my thoughts/tips on packaging for your biz, and I love it because packaging is so fun for me... but what is really fun, is when a fellow business friend comes to me to design their custom packaging! The best part of the challenge, it's packaging for a guy! My dear friend Ryan McDuff of McDuff Productions came to me wanting new packaging for his wedding videography business. You may remember his name from my own wedding video posted HERE not too long ago =) Ryan is amazing at what he does and his packaging needed to be nothing short of that.

I started my project, by studying his brand and website and I implemented elements from those into his overall packaging concept: black lettering, wood accents, with an earthy feel of kraft paper and muslin bags. I knew I wanted to turn his logo into a stamp that he could use on just about anything i.e. thank you cards, invoices, letterhead, post-its, etc. From there, I made custom envelopes to fit the dvds, and I stamped muslin bags to wrap his entire package up in. I also made custom black thank-you notes topped with burlap so he could write a personal message to his couples when they receive their disks. I think it turned out beautifully and not to mention, super manly =)

Are you looking to improve or create your new packaging? Feel free to shoot me an email for a brainstorming sesh or I can give you a quote. Remember, your packaging is the first thing people will see of your product, why not wow them from the beginning?


Joe+Kathrina said...

SO GOOD!!!!!!! Love good packaging :)

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