Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A DIY For The Boys!

This project was actually inspired my Mr. H! He had some friends over and needless to say, I came home to a bunch of empty bottles of Stella and a couple of empty pizza boxes. I noticed that he and his friends had piled up the beer caps in a pile on the counter along with some other caps from various drinks. I thought they looked so cool and vintage looking & I asked why they kept them. He thought they were cool tool, but was probably going to just toss them. So I thought, I should think of something cool to make with these little guys =) And here is what I came up with! Magnets for the fridge that are a little more manly. I think they turned out perfectly, and I can't wait for Mr. H to come home from the fire station and see them on the fridge!

beer/soda caps
hot glue
roll of magnet strip
foam dots

1. Glue the dots in the center of the back of the cap, then cut a strip of magnet tape, and glue on top of the dot. Let dry and you're done!


Maggie said...

LOVE this Em! Brilliant! We'll have to get drinking this weekend to make our own!

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