Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time for Style Me May!

Happy May beauties! It's a cloudy gray day over here in the SCV. Today I'd like to announce a super fun collaboration with Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society. You may remember her from her fabulous guest post on packing for a honeymoon here.

She has put together this awesome Fashion + Photo challenge for us all and guess what?! Tasteful Tatters is part of the first giveaway!! So here's how it works:

1. Save the calendar below on your phone or print it out & tape it to your mirror. Use the prompt each day to inspire you to "wear, try or be" something from your wardrobe. Snap a photo & share via Instagram or Twitter using #StyleMeMarch.

2. There are no rules. If you're someone stressed out by commitment, you don't have to do it every day. Or, if you like to finish something beginning to end {Type-A hand raised high thankyouvery much}, use this community as your daily accountability to be creative & remarkable from May 1-31. Either way, try not to buy anything new for this challenge. If this uncovers a genuine hole in your closet that's one thing -- this isn't about a spending freeze -- but I hope it encourages you to make better use of & rediscover what you already have, rather than crave to buy more.

This round we also have the exciting addition of GIVEAWAYS!
Each week there'll be a "#StyleMe Monday" post in which the giveaway gal & I dole out some sweet prizes to a few girls who caught our eye that week on Instagram or Twitter. So be sure to add Dean Street Society to your blog roll to come back & see if you won! First giveaway coming next Monday ...
So how fun is that?! Now, you can read more about all the details here on Hilary's blog and be sure to share on instagram, facebook, & twitter so we can all be inspired by your style! Here are some snaps of my outfit for today's first challenge!


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