Monday, April 23, 2012

Washi Tape Notebook

I've always been inspired by Danni of Oh, Hello Friend and how she utilizes washi tape in so many creative and unexpected ways. One of these ways, is decorating a notebook/calendar cover with it. She's has blogged about a couple of these books she makes, and every time I think - "I need to do that!" You see, I am a listmaker. I make lists about needing to make lists... however many of these are on slips of paper or post it notes that are scattered about my desk or inevitably end up in my purse or somewhere random! So I finally went out in search of the perfect notebook to keep all my "lists" in one place once and for all. I found a simple brown one that was small, but not too small at my local Target (p.s. LOVE that place). Anyways, I grabbed a bunch of roles of tape that I use for Tasteful packaging and just went for it! I think it turned out great, what do you think??

If you are going to try this at home, one tip I have is after you've taped your cover (and if you are like me and will be taking it everywhere with you) I would recommend using clear packaging tape to create an almost laminated effect for the cover. Just cover it with the tape to protect it from the dangerous elements of a women's purse =)


Photo Booth Girl said...

Cute! I use washi tape to hang photo strips ;-)

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