Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paint With Bleach!

The summer weather is quickly upon us. You can hear kids splashing in the pools outside your window on the weekends, and the BBQ party invites are rolling in, in full force! And this is what inspired my next DIY post: some summer fun napkins for your next party. I snagged this awesome set of colored hued napkins at Target for only $5! I loved the citrus-y tones... but I felt like they just needed a little something extra. I've always been curious about bleaching fabric with patterns and creating my own "textiles" if you will - so I thought this would be a great start. Also, I'm so incredibly excited to share this with you because the awesome photos of me doing this DIY are by my dear friend an amazing photog, Lizzie of S'wonderful Photography. Thank you Lizzie!!

- fabric safe bleach
- paint brush (thinner is better)
- cotton fabric
- chalk
- cardboard
Take your fabric and lay it on a flat surface. Place cardboard underneath so keep the bleach from bleeding through. Now take your chalk and create your design (you will follow this with you paintbrush later) The chalk acts as your pattern before you get to painting.

After you are pleased with your design, you are ready to paint! Dip your brush, and being! I found that with my 100% cotton napkins, they soaked up A TON of the bleach, so it was easier to dip my brush & then dab some of the bleach off before painting. Because it soaks up so much, you'll have to replenish your brush every inch or so of your pattern. Once completed your will see your design begin to appear like magic! I placed my napkins outside to sit for about an hour to see the full affect. And I loved the results!! Now, I just want to bleach everything haha

Note: Once your pattern is complete let dry completely & wash so left over bleach from the fabric doesn't stain anything else =)


Susannah VanDyke {Lukas VanDyke Photography} said...

Love it!! These would be so perfect for a summer party!

Meghan Christine Photography said...

SO perfect! :)

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