Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Succulent Garden

So I see succulents all the time at events and photoshoots I work at. I think they are just awesome - and I"m not the only one. They have become quite the craze lately. At my last event (the baby shower I blogged about the other day) the florist, Lindsay of Petalicious told me that you can take cut succulents and put them in the ground and they will root. I am no green thumb, but I thought,  I bet I could grow succulents! I mean, after all, they are like cactus' - they live in extreme elements. I'd say living with me can be considered extreme haha. I found this awesome article for beginners and I headed to Lowes & got the supplies I needed - I got the pots, soil +fertilizers, and some plants for under $20! It was so easy and now I have a windowsill of beautiful succulents!


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