Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Boyfriend Cuff Jeans

This is such an easy DIY I can't even contain myself. I have been wanting a loose fitting boyfriend cuff style jean for awhile & trying not to break the bank. So finally I decided to make my own! I went to Crossroads, Trading Co. with my good friend Lindsay of Linzy Loves You Designs and traded some old clothes I never wear for this new pair of quality Vigosse jeans. I got them in a little bit easier fitting size than normal because I wanted them to fit casually. These were perfect because the waste fit, but there was plenty of give in the thighs - only problem was the flair at the bottom.  So these are the simple steps to create your own boyfriend style jeans, possibly even from your own closet!

ruler/measuring tape
hair straightener

1. try your jeans on and cuff them at the desired length - take a hair straightener and just lightly press on the fold so you can see your crease
2. now you can measure or pin, however you want to but just cut across and then fold!


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