Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Calm in the Craziness

I have been beyond busy lately... between organizing orders and shipments, and just getting my laundry done and vacuuming - and in the midst of all the crazy, I sometimes find it hard to be inspired or find inspiration. So when I saw this photo by one of my favorite photographers, Kelty of Steep Street I thought it spoke to everything I was feeling. Isn't it pretty?! So I picked some "calming colors" for you out of the crazy of the print.

Also.. we have a big winner for our jewelry that gives back contest! If you didn't win and you'd like to contribute to the cause - check out more at the etsy shoppe HERE.  

Congrats Desiree!! Be sure to email me with which color you would 
like for your free necklace along with your address =)


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