Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding DIY - Table Books

I have a fun little DIY to share with you guys today! At our wedding, we had rows of rectangular tables that looked awesome, but I wanted a fun activity for people to do at the tables if they didn't want to dance and for all the people along the rows to be able to interact together. I got this awesome idea from Martha Stewart Weddings and slightly altered it to fit our look and feel. On their site they had this awesome idea to place little booklets on each table asking the guests questions about or in reference to "the couple"- I thought it would be the perfect little activity that our guests could get creative with and pass along to the other tables to swap as well =) And boy were our guests creative! Mr. H and I had a blast going through each book and reading all the hilarious pictures/comments/advice - it was so fun!
{S T E P S} So what we did, was first contact my design guru - Shannon LaBare! She designed our invitations as well as all of our other paper products - so she took the original concept and made it work within our "wedding brand" if you will! I printed her design on cardstock so that the image was on the far right (that way all you have to do is fold in half!) I added 10 sheets of regular white copy paper folded all of it in half, made 2 hole punches and tied with yarn! And you're done! We made 1 for each table of 8 =)

I had tons of fun coming up with questions and even more fun reading all the responses - I took a few photos of my favorites above =) Happy Tuesday!


Jessica said...

Really fun idea! Like the rectangular tables, too.

Kelly Hicks said...

Such a cute idea! Wish I would have had that for my wedding. I'm sure the responses were hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea and really want to use this for my wedding coming up soon, but I'm having trouble coming up with my own questions :( What questions did you ask? I'd love to get some tips, thank you!!

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