Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creative Connection Recap

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the Creative Connection LA July Meet up event. I was at the very first event when there were about 8 of us gals eating our breakfast chatting about each other and how awesome a creative support system is. And now we are throwing events w/ 60 + people! It's seriously mind blowing to me how quickly this whole thing has grown. Anyways, I had the pleasure of a doing a little styling for the event and I had so much fun meeting all the amazing ladies in attendance. Aren't they all stunning?!
btw... I TOTALLY stole this amazing photo from Shannon LaBare who also happened to be a featured artist and designed all our paper products =) And all the photos are by Becca Rillo
I absolutely LOVED the industrial look we were going for and had so  much fun making the name tag wall for the event =) Those little metal balls are just so cute, don't ya think?!
I was thinking this would make such an awesome table assignment wall or escort card wall for a super chic downtown LA loft wedding, yes?? Now, I just need a bride who wants one! I just love these photos below of fabulous ladies connecting =)
Now, tell me this isn't the coolest thing you've ever seen at a restaurant - milk and donuts! C'mon people - this is so cool!

If you're interested in coming to the next event, head on over to our facebook page and "like" us so you can be in touch and know when the next one is =) Oh, and did I mention I'm the new hostess for the LA Chapter, yay!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

seriously, wish i lived in LA! looks like this was a blast. :)

Christina Dely Photography said...

Such a great event! Can't wait to visit with you ladies again! XO

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