Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Green With Jealousy

I know I've been blogging a lot about wedding stuff lately - sorry! I just can't help it - the wedding is about 3 weeks away and it's crunch time! Today, however, I'm taking a break from the craziness and sharing with you some fashion trends I am loving right now! Lime Green! Weird, maybe. But I love it paired with big black chevron prints as well as a soft dusty teal. Check out this awesome pairing!

Dress is from Red Velvet Shop
And check out this AWESOME inspiration board! I'm in love w/ everything!

01.  'Everybody on the Floral' necklace from Make Believe
02.  Card and envelope from Specklefarm
03.  Mr & Mrs Muse mugs from Jonathan Adler
04.  Retro Fridge from Smeg
05.  Cayenne Dress (grey) from Kling
06.  Turquoise 'Le Versha' chair from Anthropologie
07.  Harlequin socks from Kate Spade
08.  Ruffle pillow from H&M
09.  Heart cup and saucer from The Spoon Sisters
10.  Postcards from Specklefarm
11.  Megan Miller 'Caribbean' nail polish from Anthropologie


Natalia Lynn said...

beautiful pairings! Love the blue and green!

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