Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY : Fashion Foward Paper Boxes

Today's DIY is actually brought to you by the new Tasteful Tatters Assistant, Rebecca Rand!

Over at Tasteful we were trying to come up with some creative packaging ideas for our new spring product. Some bright and colorful that just screams fashion and spring - Rebecca came up with this awesome project of making little boxes out of fun magazine pages. So if you ordered anything in the last couple of weeks you just may see this box arrive in the mail filled with some Tatters =) I just LOVE how they turned out! She also mod podged them to make the pages a little more sturdy and with a glossy finish. I think they turned out so fun! The cool thing is, you can make this boxes out of anything : cardstock, greeting cards, oragami paper - you name it! Click HERE for step by step instructions to make your own paper boxes!


AVY said...

That looks great!

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