Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DIY: Cassette Tape Hooks

Did everyone have a wonderful 3-day weekend?? I know I did! We had such a busy weekend with a wedding in Corona, a HUGE Tasteful Tatters Spring Preview Shoot, and tons more! I just love staying busy. I'm not going to lie... I also watched like 4 episodes of The Hills Season 3 haha.

This DIY I haven't actually had the opportunity to accomplish as of yet - I wanted to this weekend but life has just been so crazy with Tasteful these days. I saw this in my latest issue of ReadyMade Magazine. If you haven't heard of this amazing read yet - you should definitely get your hands on one! It is chocked full of inspiring creatives, DIY projects, design ideas as well as indie books and cd reviews! Seriously so much fun. Anyways, as soon as I saw this I knew I had to do it! It looks so easy and you probably have everything lying around your house anyways! (which is the best)

>>> Here is what you'll need!


  • 4 cassette tapes of the same color
  • 5×11-inch piece (approximately) of routered wood (available at Hobby Lobby and Michaels)
  • Flat or semigloss paint or stain (optional) Picture-hanging kit (containing sawtooth hooks and picture-hanging hooks)
  • Tube of high-strength two-part epoxy(suitable for gluing plastics; I like Loctite’s Plastic Epoxy)
  • 4¾-inch wood screws with ½-inch countersink heads
>> Step 1
Place two of the cassette tapes flat against the board and mark through the center holes where you want to mount them. Pre-drill pilot holes for the screws, then paint or stain the wood, if desired. Tack two sawtooth hooks from the picture-hanging kit to the back of the board. Set wood aside.

>> Step 2
Carefully take one of the hook cassettes apart. Remove the magnetic tape and metal pressure plate. If using a clear cassette, remove the thin black lining and save it for later.

>> Step 3
Reassemble the cassette.

>> Step 4
The edges of the hook cassette won’t fit snugly when attached to the backing cassette at a right angle, so remove ⅝ inch from one end of your hook cassette with a fine-tooth saw. Set it perpendicular to the broad side of the backing cassette. Cut a notch 1/32 inch deep and ¼ inch long along the already-sawed area so that it will fit over the hump of the backing cassette.

>> Step 5
From the intact side of the hook cassette, use a fine-tooth saw to cut ¼ inch from the edge, and slice toward outside edge of the tape pulley hole. Cut another slice down from the top toward the pulley hole (start about 1⅜ inch from the edge of the cassette). These cuts form a triangle wedge that you’ll remove to reveal a hook shape. If using clear cassettes, cut the black liner (referred to in Step 2) to shape, and reinsert it into the now hook-shape cassette.

>> Step 6
Using the epoxy, affix the flat edge of the hook to the center of a backing cassette.

>> Step 7
Repeat Steps 2 through 6 to form another hook.

>>Step 8
Use the epoxy to glue your hooks to the wooden board. Secure each hook assembly to the board using the wood screws through the tape pulley holes and into the pre-drilled pilot holes.

>> Step 9
Wait for the epoxy to cure (check the package for specific timing). Mount the finished project on the wall.

NOTE:  This hanger is best used for items that weigh less than 10 pounds.
Variations: For a flush mount, you can use a keyhole cutter in a router for hanging.
Secure small coat hooks into a wall through a cassette (so the cassette is against wall) to simplify.


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