Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something Blue: Engagement Shoot!

A couple weeks ago, Andy and I took out engagement photos! This whole wedding process has been a ton of fun and I love that Andy totally wants to help - and he has a ton of great ideas! Who knew he could be so crafty =) Anyways, this was something I was actually not looking forward too (I'm being honest here) I just feel awkward in front of a camera! Andy and I used to joke about how fun it would be while we were on a date to have a photographer just follow us around... and then we actually get it and I feel awkward! What is up with that. Thank goodness our photographer (and friend) Lizzie did such a great job at making us feel more comfortable! She was such a trooper going along with all my crazy ideas and treading through fields that were taller than her just to get a shot! Check out her blog here!


Gertrude said...

Lovely photos!! (P.s. sorry for bombarding you with comments! hehe) xx

Emilee Sutherland said...

Oh please! I love it :: keep em comin'!

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