Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something Blue: Bridesmaid Detail Cards

This was such a fun project for me! I have been a bridesmaid so so many times, and all my girlfriends have been bridesmaids, and I've worked with tons of bridesmaids! So I told myself, when I am on the other side of things and I am a bride myself - I was to just love on my bridesmaids because I know the kind of sacrifice it takes to be a bridesmaid.

All of that said, I was super excited to make these little "books" with all the wedding details for the girls. I got colored envelopes and sort of folded them into each other creating a book-like effect and added some patterned paper on the inside as the "lining" if you will. Then I added small squares of card stock :: one page for each item of instructions: Attire, Expectations, I Promise, and contact info of all the gals. Then, I went down to Home Depot and stole (hehe, not really) paint cards with the color scheme I'm going for for their dresses. I added some ribbon for some flare. That way they can keep that in their wallet and when they are out shopping they have a color reference!

Anyways, here are a few photos of my little books for all my fabulous ladies!!



Jacquelyn Thomson said...

fabulous idea! im probably gonna steal it when i need it!

Gertrude said...

Just came across your blog!! Am really loving it :) Aw you sound soo excited!! :D xx

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