Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY: Notebook Lunch Bag

Ok :: back to the real world! No one told me being engaged would be so distracting with - well - life ha. (For more on the engagement story :: go here) Anyways, I have the cutest DIY for you guys today! Perfect for this wonderful Fall weather and for those of you who are trying to be green. I recently got a ceramic Starbucks cup to cut back on my waste - and this little cutie will be perfect for getting rid of plastic bags, or brown sack lunch bags. We're going back to the lunch box ladies and gents :: but turning up the style level a bit =)

>> How stinkin' fun is this! Brought to you by Design*Sponge!

1. take your fabric and lay it on a flat surface. measure and cut out a large rectangle that is 34.5 x 33 (the 34.5 should be cut parallel to/along with the stripes, and the 33 should be cut perpendicular/through the stripes). this will be for a bag that is 8.5″ x 11″ (of course!) and 7″ deep. actually, the bag is really 12″ tall so that when you fold over the top and clip it shut you still have a 8.5″ x 11″ writing surface on the front.

2. cut out four 12.5″ squares from each corner of the rectangle. this leave you with a cross shape that is the shape of your bag with .5″ seam allowance on all sides.

3. using cream thread, hem the top of each flap by folding down .5″ into the inside lining of the bag.

4. draw a light vertical pencil line 2″ from the right edge on both the front and back of your bag, on the side of the fabric faces out (the outside of your bag). sew a line of red thread down this pencil line from the very top of the fabric to the bottom of the flap that makes that side of the bag. this is the guideline of your “notebook” paper.

5. now turn you fabric so the inside of the bag is facing out and sew each flap to the flap next to it, sewing in .5″ in from the edge (you can use cream or red thread for this, i used red). when you are finished snip the excess thread and flip inside out.

6. you now have your bag complete!! you can write whatever you want however you want with your black fabric pen. if you want to write it first with a light pencil and then go over it to ensure good penmanship, feel free!

 YOU’RE DONE!! Now enjoy your lunch!!


Grace said...

Very cute and makes me want to eat lunch! (I'm more of a breakfast person)

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