Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Changes :: Giveaway!!

Bride wearing custom Tasteful Tatters veil. Photography by Margaret Jacobson
I know I've been MIA lately in the blog world. I apologize. Well... not really! The reason for my absence is some very exciting stuff is happening with my Etsy Shoppe Tasteful Tatters - like a lot. And I've been a tad bit busy haha. I'll be slowing leaking out more details throughout the month: but just to give you a little sneak peak -  

Launching our new website :: November 1st
Showcasing in a huge boutique :: November 7th
Featured in Yoo N' LA Magazine :: TBA
:: Doing a whole slew of giveaways before then!! ::

>>> So, first up on the agenda! Giveaway Numero Uno: Follow us on Twitter and or Facebook!

You have until Monday, October 11th to 
1:: Follow us HERE
2:: Friend us HERE
3:: Tweet about us (only 1 entry permitted - don't bother all your friends)

>> Then, leave a comment here to let me know what you did and I'll randomly select a winner!


Candice Parisi said...

Ok, so I followed you on Twitter and I tweeted about you. I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to do both so I covered my butt just in case. :)

kava009 said...

Ok Emilee, I think I did it all :) I'm following you on twitter, posted you on my status on FB and I'm following your blog too! Boy! I'm tired!!!!

JAF said...

Hi Emilee! I "Like"d you on Facebook, I'm following you on blogspot, I'm following you on Twitter and I tweeted about you, and I mentioned you in my Facebook status! I love your creations!

Margaret said...

hi Emilee:) I am following you on facebook, blogspot and twitter. I tweeted and mentioned you on my facebook. I think you should choose me;)

Jackie said...

Emiliee! I'm following you on FB & Twitter and I can't talking about your page!

Becca said...

I followed you on twitter, I tweeted, and I status'd you on facebook <3 I love your stuff and I seriously can't wait to work with you. You rock girl!

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

Hey Cuite :)

haha so I actually did all the above and then came to your site, only to realize you had a contest going and I had just completed all the criteria! Funny :). I just saw your darling etsy site and liked it on Fbook, then of course had to twitter about well as your exciting engagement!!! Girly I love your accessories! I had no idea you created such lovely pieces! I'm not gonna lie...I put quite a few of them on my Amazon wish list haha ;).

Much love!

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