Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Playlist

All of my favorite things that I'm loving this May ~ I hope you see something you like or maybe you have something you are loving this month you'd like to share, I'd love to hear it! 


1. Father's Day: Now, I know what you're thinking... "Emilee, Father's Day isn't till June!" I always wait till the last minute on stuff like this, so this year I'm challenging myself along with all of you who suffer this problem with me to start earlier!! I love this card from etsy seller Sweet Perversion Designs. So funny and so something my dad would love haha

2. Go Green!: These adorable re-usable ziplock bags by Sew Long Ziploc are perfect for your summer picnics, work, the beach. Get them now for the summer and save money and trees =)

3. Truly Smitten Blog: My shop Tasteful Tatters just featured a giveaway on Sarah's adorable blog and I am a sponsor there as well for the next couple of months. I just love all of Sarah's work and her daily inspirations. She is truly adorable and I hope you love her blog as much as I do!

4. Fight From Above: I recently had the opportunity to interview this awesome band for YooN'LA Magazine and I'll tell ya, they were SO fun to talk with. It didn't even feel like an interview, it was like they were long-time friends I haven't heard from in while and they are hilarious! Since, I've become addicted to their album L.A. Kids - definitely something to add to my summer playlists

5. Tan Wedges: These adorable yet functional shoes are my all-time fav for May and the rest of summer. They match with everything, the cork sole makes them super comfy, AND they are under $30 from Target!!

6. Trevor Heohne: Trevor is one of my favorite artists right now. His wife went to school with my best friend so I've heard his name and seen his stuff before, but I don't know I just keep finding myself heading back to his blog this month. He is doing some awesome stuff and his photos are so inspiring. I believe his work is truly a work of art.

7. Starbucks Re-usable Tumbler: ok so anyone who knows me knows I HATE drinking water. I know, that is so unhealthy for you. I just don't get thirsty haha. Anyways, despite my distaste for liquids, I have wanted the re-usable tumbler from starbucks since LAST summer and they sold out before I could get one. So this year, I bought one as soon as I saw them hit stores. And I must say - it's true love. I seriously love it. I drank at least 6 glasses of water today! So hydrate up for the warm months ahead with this fabulous tumbler.

8. 31 Bits: I was introduced to this organization through a friend of  mine and I just fall in love with what they are doing every day. Basically, this group of girls started this organization to create an international market and a voice for the beautiful jewelry (made from recycled paper!) the women are already making in Uganda. All of their products are bought directly from the women, are fair trade, are made from recycled paper, and are sold in boutiques across the United States. Check out their website and see all that their doing as well as their Online Store to support the cause.


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