Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have the coolest friends

These are the days when I am truly thankful for the amazing people in my life who inspire me daily. I could probably write a post about each and everyone of them for months... but for now, just two in particular =) My friend Britnee who I have worked with, played with, shared a dorm room with (for 1 night!) been stressed with, laughed with... you get it. She is an art major at Biola University and I got the opportunity to brainstorm with her for an upcoming design project she had. She is absolutely genius! Her assignment was to use one of the fruits of the spirit (love, patience, kindness, etc) and depict it in a sculpture. The follow is what she created. The door signifies how God opens and closes many doors in our lives and we must learn to be patient with them. Britnee you are amazing. The photos were taken by another equally creative friend Jesse - check out his Flikr he some amazing stuff!

Do you have awesome friends? I'd love to see the creative things your friends are doing in the comments below!

the finished product!


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