Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fashion, Contests, and Kate Voegel

Ok, so I am making a confession: I heart One Tree Hill. Yes, I admit it. Phew! Now, that that is off my chest I have to let you all know about an awesome contest coming up that has to do with one of the coolest websites everrr. It is called Polyvore and it allows you to make those cool outfit spotlights you see in fashion magazines. It is so easy and fun, I ended up spending hours playing around on it haha. Anyways, the contest is, you make a fashion set for Kate Voegele and if you win you get free tickets to a show. Today is the LAST day to sign up so hurry! Go HERE to enter and read more

If you're not looking to win tickets you just want to make cool fashion sets, check out the site it is so much fun!


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