Monday, July 30, 2012

Placemats at Your Wedding?? Yes!

I recently designed a wedding that served up the same challenge that many brides come across in their planning process - place setting when you have a buffet. There are so many positives and negatives in regards to doing a buffet and much simply have to do with the style/preference of the bride & groom. But one thing people forget in the planning is when you opt for a buffet, there is no "place setting" at your tables for each of your guests. Now, you may not care at all about this, but in the design process, this can be a fun blank canvas sort of area that you can work with. Once way to better define the place setting sans plate is by adding a place mat. No, not your grandmothers colored quilted placemats - but something simple and sophisticated to create lines and space on your table. Now, it should be noted that this concept probably works best with longer 8ft tables and square tables, rather than the standard 60inch round.

I love the idea of incorporating a placemat & searched the web for some great inspiration for all the brides out there looking for something to spruce up their bare non-plated tables - or even with plates, the look is still chic and timeless!

scrapbook paper (source)
paper w/ die cut (source)
doily (source)
paper covered cake board (source)
Did you use placemats at your wedding? What did you do? Did you like the way they turned out?


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