Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding Calm in the Crazy

This past weekend, I had back to back weddings on Sat & Sun in 2 different towns. So despite the potential craziness, Mr. H and I decided we were going to make the most of the weekend. We were headed to Corona for the first wedding, which is where my parents live & is also near my bestie, Lauren. So we saw the fam bam, went thrifting through Old Town Orange and ate at a killer BBQ place, then headed off to Pasadena for wedding #2. Did the whole set up for a super cute travel inspired wedding at the Castle Green, and then headed out to visit with my in-laws and our adorable little nieces so they could meet Olive... then around 10pm went back to pick up the rentals. Phew! That was exhausting just thinking about. Through all the craziness, it was so nice to spend a weekend with family and friends and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. And yesterday, I spent the day by the pool drinking iced tea, and just letting my body relax - just what I needed!

What did YOU do this 3 day weekend?? I'd love to hear and see your photos =)


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