Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dress Up Your Watering Can DIY

As you may have seen, I've been getting a little into gardening as of late... mostly succulents to start because I've been known to kill most flowers I come in contact with =) I was at Target and saw this smaller adorable tin watering can in the dollar section and I just knew I had to have it with a plan to spruce it up. So I snagged some fun flowering fabric with a hint of vintage flair and went to town.

Watering Can
Mod Podge
Cotton Fabric
Paint Brush

 So first cut your fabric to your desired size and paint a layer of the mod podge onto the surface of the can and then place the fabric on top. Then, paint a coat on top of the fabric to seal it. I thought it would be fun to add an orange ribbon to create a cleaner line on the top, and you would follow the same steps for applying the ribbon.

 Finished! How cute is that?! I love it, it's almost too cute to keep outside. It would even be fun to plant flowers in it! Huge shoutout to Lizzie of S'Wonderful Photography for taking such awesome photos of my little project!


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