Monday, February 13, 2012

I Heart You DIY

Happy Monday blogettes! It is one of my favorite time of year: Valentines & my birthday! I love going all out for Valentines... not in the flowers and chocolate all hallmarked out sort of way. Just more like eating candy hearts, painting your nails red, and making your friends pink cupcakes sort of way =)

So this year being a newlywed, perhaps I way more over the top than usual =) So I have a couple fun Valentines inspired posts for you in the next couple days. Today is a super fun and easy DIY that isn't exclusive to Vday either. Just an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up that plain white v-neck that we all have. It's super simple, and you can do any shape you want if you are anti-hearts this time of year! Mine will probably be my February sleepy time tee ha!

1 white tee - I got mine in a pack of 3 from Wal-mart
fabric scrap for shape - I used a cotton, but jersey works well since it doesn't fray
sewing machine - or you can sew it by hand like I did!


Erin said...

aw love this, good idea! :)


Joe+Kathrina said...

CUTE! But you're cuter! :)

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