Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Fill In The Blank...

A few weeks ago, I was thrifting and came across this amazing wood frame. The wood detail was immaculate and ah, I dunno it just called to me! Oh perhaps it was the fact that it was like $1. Anyways, I brought it home and it sat here with no intended purpose. Then, I went through my DIY "wishlist" {a list of things that I'm dying to do but I "don't quite have the time - but I will one day"} While looking through my wishlist, I stumbled across this amazing project by the fabulous Amy over at Lemon and Raspberry. She has such an amazing blog and seriously inspires me in so many ways! She posted a while back this awesomeness and I knew instantly I needed to try it for myself on this beauty. So be sure to check out her post for more details and step by step instructions. But as you can see, it's pretty easy! You just wrap fabric around the backing of your frame, add your letters ::maybe a tatter =):: once you put the glass back on, you can use a white board marker and change up your sign whenever you want!
I followed Amy's basic instructions, only I had some extra letters from when I made my "bride and groom" signs for our sweet heart table. I got them at Staples in the "signs" section and they worked perfectly!
So now this hangs on our thin wall beside our door so that we can see it on our way out =) Thanks Amy!


Amy T Schubert said...

Make sure you post some of the filled-in options :)

danielle-marie said...

This is fabulous! Love it!!

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