Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Look, Or Not To Look

As I am entering now a month of being married and the wedding photos are slowly popping up on my facebook from guests, I'm getting more and more questions about the wedding process and the wedding itself - i.e. "how did everything go?" "was it just perfect?" and among these, I've often been asked if we did a first look or not. I was kinda of surprised that so  many people asked me that, but I think it's mostly because people are considering for themselves if they would do it or not. We did a first look. In fact, we spent the whole day together setting up the venue, making some last minute decisions about linens that were not delivered haha. We were in our sweats sweaty and along w/ all our bridal party making it one big effort to pull our crazy ALL DIY wedding off.

So our first look, was essentially our first look in our wedding attire. Some asked if it seemed less special or less "anticipated" to do it this way. He even had seen my dress before! haha Truth be told, Mr H and I spent much of our time dating apart. We lived in separate towns and both had very busy lives. Then, when we lived closer it seemed our lives got even crazier. So on our wedding day, we figured it's our WEDDING DAY for goodness sakes - let's spend ever second we can together! So for us, no - it was even more special. And when he saw me for the first time, all "dolled" up - it was incredibly special - and when I walked down the isle, I don't believe it was any less. But that is just us. You may feel totally different =) So with all that said - here are a couple snaps of our unique "first look" by the amazing Margaret Jacobsen Enjoy and happy Tuesday!
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Ellen said...

LOVE IT! I'm so glad we did the first look, it was a really special time for us and I'm glad it was for you too! Happy 1st month of marriage :)

Liesl said...

I am a not look kind of girl, but have seen so many first looks that are so special and think it is up to you and each can be wonderful!

Liesl :)

Susannah VanDyke said...

I love first looks! Ours was so special, actually one of my favorite memories of the day :)

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