Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Upcycled Stationary

Now, I'm sure this has been done before, but I love paper, and I love recycling old things. So this seemed brilliant to  me this weekend =) I recently was able to get in contact w/ Mr. H's aunt who lives on the East Coast. We chatted about our love of old things, and she mentioned that she had some stuff she wanted to send me. I really had no idea what it could be, but a few days later when I got the package I was so excited! There were super old ledgers, journal pages, addressed envelopes, old photos, etc all from the 20's. Ahhh, heaven for me. So now, what do I do with all of this awesomeness? I made the old paper pieces into stationary-books to write letters! I added some modern elements as well and just sewed them together! Take a looksie..
See how easy it is?! Now, take a look at the finished product =)
Even if you don't have awesome 1920's paper - you can find some pretty cool "old" scrapbooking paper and make the same thing - all you need is a sewing machine and an envelope!


Susannah said...

Looove it!

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