Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photobucket Fail & Pretty Packages

Well, as you can probably tell already... my blog looks like a hot mess right now. Apparently, photobucket is doing maintenance on their site and there is about 2% of their users who are affected - and I'm one of the 2% - figures. My blog is like my bedroom. I love the colors. All the images make me feel happy. I hate when my room is messy - it stresses me out. Ok - rant over.

This past month I got the opportunity to participate in Danni's from Oh, Hello Friend Collection Trade. I collect so  much random stuff - especially with Tasteful Treasures that I thought this would be sooo super fun to be apart of. Here are just a few images of what I was able to collect for my trading buddy.

She collects old cameras, skeleton keys, and milk glass. I was able to score one of each! For the packaging I was inspired by the colors of the key and the milk glass together so I used all very natural looking colors: white, off white, brown, tan, etc. Instead of tissue paper or anything I wrapped the milk glass in old book pages and added lots of textures to each individual's wrapping. I honestly love wrapping things. Packaging might just be in my top 5 favorite things. ever. Soon I will share with you the lovely package I received - yippee!


Anonymous said...

super gorgeous package! so happy to find your blog after finding you on twitter! x

Emilee Sutherland said...

I'm glad you like it! Thanks for following me =)

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