Monday, April 4, 2011

DIY : Springing for Ruffles

It definitely feels like spring here and I absolutely love it! In light of this fabulous weather I thought I would attempt a fun ruffly DIY project I've been dying to try out. About a month ago I stumbled across this fun blog, PS I Made This. After perusing all the eclectic style boards turned into reality I found a DIY project adding ruffles to one your plain tees you have just sitting around =)

So, I got out my sewing machine and let the ruffle making begin! It actually took me 2 tries to get it right and that is why I thought I would let you know my tricks - or rather suggestions from doing it wrong so that you can do it yourself without any mishaps haha

The images above indicate that you simply cut out the side arm and then the bottom portion of a standard white tee. You then us the bottom portion to ruffle and sew onto the neckline. Now, on my first go around, I found that the side are cut didn't quite work - the limp jersey fabric wouldn't really stay up on that side.

{ R O U N D 2} : Instead of doing the off the shoulder look I decided to just make a more dramatic scoop neck and it worked MUCH better. I still cut off about a 2 inches from the bottom and sewed on my machine a long stitch right in the middle. Then taking the bottom string pulled to create the ruffle. Not too tight, but not too stretched out. Choose which look you like best.
This time I think it turned out much better! Totally wearable and I was still able to spring for ruffles =)


kellyhicks said...

cute! I'd love to see how you would wear it!

Emilee Sutherland said...

I know! I need to get a photo of me wearing it asap =)

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