Friday, March 25, 2011

Freebie Friday :: Spring Giveaway!

It's Spring and at Tasteful Tatters we're launching our new Shoe Clips this week! And because the weather has been rainy all week - I thought we need a little giveaway to brighten the day =)

At the end of winter I asked our Facebook Fans what they would like to see this spring for as far as new items and trends. Along with a ton of really good suggestions, shoe clips were at the top of the list! So you asked for it - and here is a chance to win a free set of the Cream Puff Clips pictured above!

How to enter:
1:: Follow us on Twitter HERE
2:: Friend us on Facebook HERE
3:: Tweet and mention @TastefulTatters (only 1 entry will count- we don't want you to bother all your friends)

Then, leave a comment here to let me know what you did and I'll randomly select a winner
Next Friday April 1st!


Jacquelyn Thomson said...

Did it all lady! Love these shoes clips. Especially the little bows!

Julianna said...


Elise said...

I think I covered all my social media bases now! =) xoxo

Stephanie said...

Just started following on twitter.

ehlenj8 said...

Love the bows!!! So cute and you're sooo talented!

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