Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hearted: 31Bits Valentines Party

Happy Valentines Day!! Last week I had the opportunity to throw a 31Bits House Party and I put a little Valentines spin on it. Cuz lets face it - sometimes V-day isn't that fun for everyone and sometimes you just need a girls night. Am I right?? So here are some photos taken by the lovely EK Photography (whom I adore and so happy she could come!) Oh, and most of my decor was from the Dollar Store - yup that's right =)

All the girls loved checking out the 31Bits pieces and we even sold quite a few! I love what those girls are doing over there and was so thrilled to be able to support the amazing cause. Women in Uganda make all the pieces out of paper and they are gorgeous! Check out their site for more info and where to purchase your own Bits!

We also did a little crafty craft (of course!) of the DIY Valentines Cards that I posted a little while ago here. They were such a hit and most of the girls walked away w/ lots of little love  notes =)

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me being a dork


Erin @ BringingUpBurns said...

Adorable! Such a cute idea. I love 31Bits and I just might have to copy your creativity =)

erin said...

love the sparkly hearts :)

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