Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something Blue: Lovebirds Wedding { Pt. 1 }

I had the fabulous opportunity to design and coordinate this amazing Lovebird themed wedding for Molly & Nate. They were simply amazing to work with and had so many great ideas - Nate even participated in a craft night! We brought in so many details and vintage flare it was right up my alley. Basically every detail was handmade and the best part was seeing all of their friends chip in on the big day to help set everything up. They had friends do the flowers, cater the food, provide all the alcohol (what?!) What a testimony to the love in each of their lives!

Thank you so much to Margaret Jacobson Photography and Becca Rillo for the amazing photography and capturing all the details we slaved away on =) Be sure to check out each of their blogs for full posts on this wedding!


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