Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something Blue: Fiesta Party Inspiration

Planning a bridal shower or just a summer party this year (like myself) and running out of ideas? Why not throw a fiesta? Just this month alone I had a surprise birthday AND a bridal shower all in the same week and I found some great ideas to throw your very own backyard fiesta. There are so many fun elements that you can bring in to provide lots to do for all types of groups! For my events, we got a real pinata and filled it with candy, set up a photo booth complete with mustache sticks, sombreros, and chili pepper necklaces against a red backdrop (looked so bright and fun with the sunset!), and had a Mexican restaurant cater. We had lots of different age groups so I decided to keep it fun, entertaining, and colorful with "authentic" Hispanic colors. 


You could also use these same elements but make it more feminine or country by picking just 2 colors and going from there like the fabulous Ashley of The Flashdance. The best part is, most of the tissue paper elements can totally be done DIY! Check out the full post at Design*Sponge

And here are some photos from our more "authentic" fiesta photobooth!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!!

Ellen said...

That was so fun!

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