Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Grown Up Christmas List

Happy Christmas Eve bloggers! As I getting ready to eat a fabulous home cooked meal with my family I thought I would let you in on my Christmas Wish List (Items that I have been hearting, that I may or may not have purchased for myself during this Holiday Season haha.... I decided that if I had to TV Show like Oprah or Ellen, I would totally have a giveaway show and give all these items away... that is, if I was rich and famous. Until then, I'll just share what I am loving now, and maybe you will discover them here and love them too! What was on your Christmas list this year?

My Christmas List

1) OPI "You Don't Know Jaque" Nail Polish: This is my new favorite nail color. I am not sure even how to describe it. It is a mix between gray and brown and basically matches everything and is fabulous! I'm pretty sure you can get most OPI colors at Sephora =)

2) Clear Fossil Watch: I've had my eye on this little beauty for awhile now and I just love love love it. I have been critiqued on my love for this because of the "plastic" band. They say it looks cheaper because it's plastic but I think the clearness of it makes it super mod looking. Ugh - I gush. It's about $100, so not sure if this will be in my stocking this year. If you'd like to buy me one, I'd totally let you =)

3) White Leather Jacket: This jacket should probably be #1 on my wishlist - I have been gushing this Urban Outfitters look-alike for awhile. It is super rocker slash 80's motocycle chick and I love the white! I don't know what my deal is with white/clear this year haha

4) Steve Madden Boots: let's just face it - a girl can never have too many shoes =) These are my favs!

5) 500 Days of Summer on DVD: Andy and I saw this in the theater and absolutely loved it! My favorite scene was when they were shopping in Ikea and acting like all the furniture "sets" where their home... this is one of my favorites lines: (obviously the real movie doesn't have cartoon faces on it)


aimee grover said...

So crazy - I totally bought my mom & sister that same nail polish for Christmas & bought those same boots in tan!

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