Monday, May 25, 2009

Nigeria Countdown - 2 days!

Schools out, summer has begun, and only 2 more days until I leave for Africa! I am so excited! I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful people in my life who have supported me financially and prayerfully throughout this whole process... and it is finally here! Just to give you all an update, we're leaving Wednesday night and we'll be back around mid-June. I will have internet access around Friday/Saturday to send an email out letting my family know that I am safe >>> I'll try to post that letter here as well. I'm really excited slash nervous slash anxious slash stressed about the whole process so please keep me in your prayers.

p.s. I just moved to Santa Clarita and here is a polaroid of the sunset from the backyard -enjoy =)


Chase said...

you're going to have an amazing time! :)
Be Blessed! And keep us updated when you can.

Abby said...

Ahh, I love that view! You know we're all looking forward to when you get to enjoy it again. :p Have a safe and profitable trip!

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