Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Playlist

This is the first of hopefully many "Playlist" posts. Basically, this will be the place where I write and link to things that I have been going back to regularly, find inspiration in, or something that you MUST see haha. This one in particular is a compilation of lots of things I am loving this Spring Season. There are sooo many goodies that I am loving about this Spring! Everything from accessories, inspirations, artists, new websites, products - you name it!
1. Downplayer - This is quite possibly the coolest new website out there. And it doesn't hurt that it was started by my friend Jared Gibo. Basically you go on the site every day Monday-Friday and there are new free music downloads for You - everyday. for free. Did I say that clear enough? Free music provided to you everyday so all you have to do is click. It seriously doesn't get much cooler than that. So, as soon as you're done reading - check them out and start downloading. I've already started a Downplayer playlist on my itunes and I add to it everyday!

2. A Hug From Taylor Swift - I came across this site via a youtube video message from Taylor Swift herself. She saw this site that these guys created and she sent them a video challenge to walk an old lady across the street. Intrigued, naturally - I looked up these guys and found their response video, it seriously cracked me up. Then, I found their website which at first seemed semi-stalkerish, yet very hilarious and well done all the same time. The best part is, these are just 2 ordinary guys with a crazy idea and TSwift herself noticed them and is playing along. I don't want to give away too much, so go check out their site and their hilarious video HERE

3. Tim Green - Designer and Illustrator. I discovered this guy through Society6 and I just love his work. I checked out his website and he definitely has a style all on his own. I love love love his work. Also, on his website he has free downloads of his work to add as your desktop - what a great idea! You can also purchase his work through Society6

4. Owl Necklace - I purchased this little beauty at Charlotte Russe last week and I swear I wear it everyday and I get compliments on it whenever I go out. It is the cutest little guy and it matches with everything! Want the hear the best part - it was like 5 bucks WooHoo! I'm such a thrifty shopper and I couldn't pass up this steal. I think you can still get them online

5.  Cori Kindred - Cori is a photographer and lover of all things vintage and I could spend hours looking through her shops - I just love everything! Pictured is one of her prints and I just love the softness to all the colors. I could go on forever, but the point is, I love her stuff and I find it incredibly inspirational so check it out!

6. Art That Helps - This is a collab project of Promise Tangeman that I've been apart of. Last week I posted about some of the images that I looked through for inspiration and this is my piece that I created for the project! I'm so pumped on it. On April 1st I'll get the final print with all the pieces put together for the final piece and on the 15th (I believe) Promise will be posting all the details and it will be available at my Etsy Shoppe - Tasteful Tatters. I'm  not sure what I am going to make with it yet, I can do posters for sure, but maybe t-shits, mousepads - whatever. So if you have any suggestions let me know!!

7. ImPossible Projects - Polaroid film is BACK and better than ever! I have a HUGE fan of polaroid film and I've been following this website and been reading up on the haps on it. These guys have developed a new type of film that allows you to do so much and they even sell polaroid cameras - definitely on my wish list for March!


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